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Reasons to Use Article Marketing as One of Your SEO Methods by Adeline Rekli

Posted by Administration on October 22, 2010 at 9:37 PM Comments comments (0)

A big part of search engine optimization is building up links to your website from other sites. This not only helps you increase your rankings with search engines, but it also helps to drive more traffic to your site as well. One of the best SEO methods out there today happens to be article marketing. It is a way to promote your website and build up those external links as well. If you are not sure you want to get involved in article marketing, here are a few reasons that it should be one of your main SEO methods.

Reason #1 - You'll Become an "Expert"

One great reason to use article marketing as one of your SEO methods is that this will help you become an expert. People want to buy from someone they feel is an "expert" in their field. As you write quality and informational articles, you will build up name recognition and a reputation. This will make potential customers online view you as an expert.

Reason #2 - Build One Way Links to Your Website

Another great reason to start using article marketing is because it helps you build links to your website. One of the best ways that you can increase search engine rankings and bring in more traffic to your site is by building up links. However, not just any links will do. You need quality links going to your website. Since these links are one way links, they are more effective when helping you build up your page rank within the search engines.

Reason #3 - Great for Generating Content for Your Own Site

Of course, article marketing is a great for generating content for your own site as well. These articles can be used on your website and if you send out an ezine on a regular basis to your list, you can use these articles within the ezine as well. After all, if you are writing quality articles that are going to be placed on other websites, why not use them first on your own website, which will help build up search engine optimization to your site.

Reason #4 - You'll Build Trust

You'll build trust when you use article marketing as one of your SEO methods as well. Just bringing in traffic to your site is not enough. You need the visitors to trust you so they will actually purchase your products or services. People buy from those they trust. As you build trust, readers of your articles will be more likely to do business with you because they'll feel confident that you are trustworthy.

Reason #5 - You Can Use Them to Pre-Sell

Article marketing can also be used to pre-sell your services or your products. After all, you want to build quality traffic to your website. People who read and like your articles will visit your site, and those who enjoy your articles are more likely to actually purchase something from you. When they are first introduced to your ideas through articles that pre-sell, you are more likely to turn visitors into customers.

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This article is article marketing and seo.



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Major 5 Spamming Techniques That Can Ruin SEO by Pallavi Patel

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary requirement for the online business. Achieving good ranking, getting quality traffic, establishing the foothold in the online business world etc. is possible only through search engine optimization. All these facts suggest that search engine plays a good role in online trading. But as the story always goes on, a coin has two sides. Similarly, while optimizing the websites to make it friendly to the search engine few practices should be avoided.

The various techniques that are prohibited while you are optimizing the websites are known as spamming techniques. These techniques play an important role in the world of search engine. Spamming techniques comes under black hat SEO techniques, SEO techniques that do not follow the ethical ways to get the rankings. As, the name suggests the black hat SEO plays a role of a villain in the search engine world. It follows all the immoral ways to get the ranking of the website in the search engine result page and thereby it lures the visitors to come to the websites for the business.

If you want to follow the ethical ways for the optimization of the websites then all the spamming techniques should be avoided. There are a number of spamming techniques that are encountered, which are not acceptable as per the ethical laws of the search engines.

Top 5 Spamming Techniques:

Black hat techniques includes all the unethical measures which falls under spamming techniques that brings the rankings very fast due to unethical practices but can result into severe consequences. Therefore at the time of optimization of the websites, spamming should be strictly avoided. The various spamming techniques that should be avoided performing search engine optimization can be listed as:

Text Invisibility:

This is a common practice used to hide the texts. In this the text color is made the same as the background color. It is done to place more number of keywords in the pages of the website so that the site can attract more spiders than normal. Despite of all the trickiness, the main conclusion is, it's a black hat technique and should not be used for the website optimization.

Irrelevant Keywords:

It means if you have websites based on some particular products and you used the unrelated keywords trough out the content, no matter what your content originally depicts. For example, if your website is based on ceramics and you are fitting the keywords that include names of the medicines, will give rise to the irrelevant keywords.

Keyword Stuffing:

Unnecessary usage of the keywords placed frequently between the words results into keyword stuffing. This makes the content clumsy and irritable. Keyword stuffing results into practicing of black hat technique which should be avoided while optimizing websites through ethical ways.

Doorway Pages:

These are fake pages only build to attract the search engine spiders. These pages are not viewed by the visitors but are only meant for the search engine spiders. However, it comes under black hat techniques.

Duplicate Content:

Same content should not be propagated to different pages of the website. Replicated content will be marked as 'content duplication' by the search engine spiders and thus will fall under black hat techniques.

Practicing black hat techniques can bring severe consequences. Various search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. can even ban those websites that performs spamming techniques and even can penalize the website owners. So, in order to save yourself from this evitable situation try to avoid the usage of spamming techniques or popularly known as black hat techniques.

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Practicing Spamming Techniques for SEO is not an acceptable act for optimizing the websites. Avoid the severe consequences that might result by practicing the unethical techniques.



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Where To Find Trusted SEO Consultants by Sally Webster

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The success of any new venture, whether it is a product or a professional service, depends largely on its marketing and advertising. Since most business is now done online, it has become imperative that your website can be accessed easily and it gets high ranking in the major search engines so that maximum amount of targeted traffic flows to it. In order to achieve search engine optimisation, it is essential that the services of an SEO expert are hired at the time of designing the website.

Essential Attributes Of An SEO Expert

An SEO consultant might have thorough knowledge about search engine optimisation and websites, but he might not have a good track record of achieving high ranking in the major search engines. Moreover, he might have experience of designing a very attractive website but he might have just started providing SEO as an additional service. It is therefore recommended that the initial website design should be made with SEO in mind, and if this is not done, the ultimate objective of delivering the website with a high ranking will not be achieved. You should look out for an SEO expert who will be able to use his skills to make the site rank high with keywords that are competitive.

The professional SEO consultant should know how to make your site SEO friendly and how to drive the desired targeted traffic to it. He should be able to provide quality, fresh content that is updated regularly. If the site or blog gets regular quality relevant content the search engines will give it more attention and the number of regularly returning visitors will increase. Besides, the SEO expert should also be able design the website such that there are more one-way links pointing to your site, and there is no need for you to add a link on your site to theirs.

The SEO expert should be able to guide you regarding the following steps to get more traffic. Writing and submitting niche related articles to popular directories will establish your credibility as an expert in your field and induce valuable back links to your site. By making relevant comments in forums and on blogs with high page ranks, you can leave your link to induce back links.

Finding A Reliable SEO Expert

You should browse the websites of different companies that provide SEO services and apply the above attributes in order to select the most reliable SEO expert who will be able to design your website with SEO in mind and offer valuable advice regarding the above aspects so that your website can draw maximum targeted visitors. You should also choose a company that will offer assessable results and also provide a guarantee on its work. The SEO expert must possess the expertise and the necessary knowledge to be able to get your website to reach the first page of search engines and have the confidence to guarantee the same. Besides, you also need to find an SEO company that has experience in your location.

The success of any venture depends largely on how the website is designed to reach the first page of search engines to be able to attract maximum targeted traffic. In order to do that it is necessary to find an SEO consultant who can design the website with SEO in mind.

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The success of any new venture, whether it is a product or a professional service, depends largely on its marketing and advertising. Since most business is now done online, it has become imperative that your website can be accessed easily and it gets high ranking in the major search engines so that maximum amount of targeted traffic flows to it.



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SEO Ranking Factors, The Top 5 You Must Know by John Carlson

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Bit about the business, there's alot of bad information online about SEO. What if I could tell you the steps for reaching top rankings is within your grasp? There are internet sites out there achieving top ranking in a short period of time consistently. As with any major success, it leaves clues.

Working with countless tiny to medium sized sites, I've found that the sites that rank well on the top search engines have a selection selection of things in common. What they are? I should share these contributors with you and explain what sets these sites except for the ones that you never find on page one of the Google search results.

The first factor deals with the anchor text ( the text on the clickable link ) of backlinks to your internet sites. The big search engines use these anchor texts to determine what your internet site is all about and for which keywords you must rank high. A straightforward step you can take to be certain your "off page" SEO is up to par is to check for sites linking to you using your URL as the anchor text. Kindly email and ask them to switch the anchor text to one of the keywords you are attempting to rank well for. You should always try towards making links with your most crucial keywords as the anchor text.

The following factor you must think about is your title text and other meta tags focusing on outline. Even though meta tags have minimal effect on your ranking in the search engines it still helps them categorize your page and help to identify what your site is about. Google have even confirmed that the meta keywords tag isn't used at all when deciding how a domain should rank. Outline on the other hand is more critical and is also a great way to make a first impression when your clients read about your internet site in the search engines. Title should be looked at the same way and both should include crucial keywords.

A third factor that search engines put focus on is something usually called Page Rank. Page Rank is in general worked out based on the quantity of incoming links and the quality of those links. Quality being the linking sites own Page Rank and how relevant the content on that website is to your own content. This is probably the biggest factor that influences your ranking potential and the most difficult one to enhance.

4th we have the variety of domains that link to your internet site. May appear obvious to most but its not only the number of links that's critical but the more separate domains they are coming from the better. Having many various domains linking to you implies that your internet site is well-liked by alot of different site owners and users. So to sum this up, try to create inbound links from various domains as much as feasible.

The last factor is also pertaining to the domain an inbound link comes from. The most valuable inbound link from a domain is the ones that come from the root domain ( example : ). Although all pages will give your internet site a lift in the ranking nothing tops top level links.

All of these factors should be considering if you would like to rank well in the search engines. Don't skip over any of them and make sure you optimize for a set list of keywords no longer then a couple words. Also ensure you repeatedly read about the subject to learn more about on and off page SEO. For example you're probably wondering which keywords you should be concentrating on for your website now which is good but we'll save that for the next article. The more that you know the bigger of an impact you may have with your optimization efforts.

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John Carlson

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bit about the business, there's alot of bad information on the internet about SEO. What if I could tell you the steps for reaching top rankings is within your grasp? There are web sites out there achieving top ranking in a short period of time consistently. As with any major success, it leaves clues.



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Black Hat SEO - Simply Not Worth It by Derek J

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As with all things in life though, there are good and bad approaches, ethical and unethical ways of doing things - SEO is no different. In this article, I will take you through some of the "Black Hat" SEO techniques that need to be avoided in order to ensure that you remain in Google's "good books".

Whilst most of these techniques are simply ineffective (due to the search engines catching onto them as they pop up), even those that do work will only provide short-term results until the search engines catch you. It is essential that you are aware of and can easily spot bad practices so that you don't get scammed into the next "wonder product" or service you see (and there are hundreds of these).

The following are commonly used "Black Hat" SEO techniques...

Link Farms - Link farms are a group of websites set up with the sole purpose of creating backlinks to other websites. They have minimal or zero useable content and simply link out to other sites. You can usually purchase links from these farms (so as to increase your number of backlinks) for a price, but this is simply not worth it. As soon as the search engines recognise the site as link farm, they ignore all the links. It's quite possible that you could get "blacklisted" for this sort of thing and end up ruining all your efforts.

When I was new to SEO, I bought 1000 backlinks from one of these link farms and anticipated huge results. Google Webmasters only picked up about 30 of them (out of a thousand!) and within a month or two they were lost (or removed). I was just lucky that I didn't get banned!

Cross Linking - Similar to link farms, this is the practice of linking between a whole lot of websites that you own. Apart from being ineffective, the cost of this sort of practice is simply a waste of money (considering that you can easily get links from writing articles, etc).

Cloaking - Cloaking essentially involves having two different pages - one that your visitors see and one that the search engines see. This allows you to create a heavily optimized page for the search engines, and a very "pretty" page for users. This practice is strongly frowned upon by search engines and will in most cases get your site banned within a few months.

Duplicate Content - Whether it the same content placed on different pages within your website, or content copied from another site - the search engines don't like this for one reason - there's no value to the visitor. This re-emphasizes the importance of ensuring that your website has quality, original content. Should you need to use content from another site, be sure to link back to them for copyright purposes.

Keyword & Tag Stuffing - This involves stuffing your title, meta and header tags with keywords unnaturally. Remember that SEO is all about keeping a balance between search engine readability and human readability. A header stuffed with keywords doesn't make much sense to either party!

Hidden Text - In order to create keyword rich content on pages, some sly optimizers will insert a whole lot of keyword rich text at the bottom of the page, which is the same colour at the background - thus making it invisible to humans but visible to search engines. This used to work quite well, until the search engines caught on... Don't waste your time trying this.

Link Pages/Exchanges - Often you will find websites with "Link Pages" or "Resource Pages". They will use this page to exchange links with other sites (thus increasing backlinks). Although this isn't particularly frowned upon by search engines, it doesn't carry very much weight, if any at all. They simply see it for what it is and ignore the links thereon. One-way, relevant links is what SEO is all about!

Excessive Internal Linking - Using internal links to direct visitors to relevant content on your site is an excellent practice. Using internal links excessively simply for the sake of creating links is not. Create internal links to increase your website's user-friendliness - don't overdo it.

Spamblogs - These are machine generated blogs (or sometimes user created) that exist purely to push keyword rich content onto a blog and draw search engine rankings. If you are going to use a blog on your website (which I recommend you do), write quality content which will draw real visitors, not just search engines. A good blog can generate a huge amount of trust for you or your company and make the sales process infinitely easier.

Wiki Spam - Due to the fact that anyone can edit the pages on a Wiki, like, sly optimizers used to insert their own links on relevant Wikipedia pages to get ranked well. This is now a fruitless effort for two reasons:

1.These links are usually removed by other users before you can blink

2.These links have what a called "nofollow" tags - which means that even if Google saw the link in time, it would disregard it in any case.

There are countless other "Black Hat" SEO methods available, with new ones developing every day. The bottom line is this - if you want long term SEO success, you have to do things the right way.

Doing SEO the "right" way does take a lot of time and effort, but it is undeniably worth it. Keep in mind that black hat requires time and effort, all of which will be wasted as soon as Google figures it out...

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As with all things in life though, there are good and bad approaches, ethical and unethical ways of doing things - SEO is no different. In this article, I will take you through some of the "Black Hat" SEO techniques that need to be avoided in order to ensure that you remain in Google's "good books".



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