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By: Fergal Jones

If you are looking out for a high ranking on Google, you will have to outrank your competitors and only then can you occupy those top slots. It is not essential that you have an excellent website to get it ranked higher. One of the best ways to be on top is to find the ways to outshine your rivals. The quality of the webpage content and the links to it can do a lot for its ranking factor. There are a few steps that can be taken to ensure a higher ranking on Google.

  Find out all about your main competitors or rivals on Google. You can easily find them by searching Google for your keywords. Take at least 5 keywords and search the best ranked websites for that keyword niche. Write down the URL of these websites.

  Try and find the inbound links of your competitor website. Also check how many of these links contain the same keywords that your are targeting. You can use the link manager of certain internet marketing providers to find the pages that are linked to your competitors' website as well as the anchor text of the link. Try and get more and better quality links, than your rivals to your website. This is a positive step to better ranking.

  Check the Page Rank of the website by checking the Page Rank number that is displayed by Google. Though this may not be entirely correct, it will give you a fair idea about the quality and ranking of your rival's website. You can also try to find out the number of high PageRank websites that have the links to the rival's website. Your strategy should be to get more high Page Ranked links to your website. You can seek help from some internet marketing service providers to get this part done for you.

  Get the inbound links from the domains where you want to promote your website. If you are targeting local domains of Australian or UK , then try and get inbound links from the local versions of Google like, Google or etc. The link received from the local domain will increase your Page Rank in the targeted domains.

  There should be positive and logical link between content of the website and the links that it gets. If you have a website for medical instruments, then it is better to get links from hospitals, clinics or any other medical websites rather than having a link from some real estate website. The more related the link is to the content of the website, the more chances you have to get a better Page Rank and out rank your competitors.

It is imperative to get better ranking in the Google Page Rank as it is a yardstick for the website and its reputation. These afore mentioned simple steps on ranking factors can let you outshine your competitor and become the better ranked website which in turn means better business and more profit.

About the Author

I am a freelance author who writes about various online marketing related subjects.

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